Tabata and 40-40-40 Workout

Today I discovered a new favourite thing, Tabata on the treadmill! I love Tabata workouts because they only take 4 minutes, yes 4!! If you’re never done a Tabata workout, they’re very simple, very effective and can be very (VERY) challenging! They can also be done anywhere, anytime and you don’t need any special equipment! They work with any high-intensity exercise. The goal is to push it as hard as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat that 8 times. Tabata training is a great time-saver and it can really improve both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. I like to add a Tabata workout to either to the beginning or end of my regular workouts. You can also stack them, choosing 3 or 4 different exercises for 4 minutes each. I’ve done them with squats, high knees, mountain climbers, pushups, box jumps, burpees – basically anything that really gets your heart and muscles pumping! When I said I love them earlier, I meant hate. Haha. They’re hard!

Today I tried something new, I did a quick Tabata workout on the treadmill.

How to do it:

First, you’ll want to get the treadmill up to speed while standing on the edges.  Once it’s up to speed, find a round number to start on, for example start at 1:00 min so you don’t lose track of time. Sprint for 20 seconds then grab the handles and jump back onto the sides and rest for 10 seconds before jumping back on. Now, this is a little scary!! I had visions of myself flying off the treadmill, so be sure to use the safety clip. I got the hang of it after the first few sprints, you have to hold on and hover on the handles while your feet get up to speed and then drop on. Today I did my sprints at 10.0 mph and it was definitely tough, but because these workouts are so short, mentally it’s easier to push yourself. It’s only 20 seconds and it’s only 4 minutes!! You can do it!! Whatever your fitness level is, make sure you choose a speed, incline or combination of the two that will really challenge you – if you’re just starting out, try walking at 4.0 mph on an incline of 8.0-15.0%.

After my treadmill Tabata it was 4 By 40-40-40 time! This workout took me 22:32 min, give it a try and post your time to the comments! I wanted to do a 6 Minute Plank workout today, but I didn’t have time, so watch for this core-builder tomorrow!

If you’re a beginner this workout is easily scalable! Just change the 40s to 30s, 20s or 10s. Pick a number you can finish but will still be challenging. If you’re not up to full pushups do them from your knees. If you’re not ready to do pushups from your knees,  you can do them standing against a wall. If regular pushups are to easy, get those feet up on a bench or chair and do decline pushups!

Full-Body Strength Training Workout


Here’s my pre and post-workout fuel! I had a few tablespoons of raw pumpkin seeds and cashews plus 2 dates before my workout. After my workout I had one serving of North Coast Naturals Raw Hemp Smoothie in Natural Chocolate. One serving only has 90 calories and 7 g of protein so I may start bumping it up to two servings after hard workouts. I really love this stuff! Most hemp products are pretty hard to get down, but this one tastes delicious. Try it with ice cold water, I drink it almost everyday.

What did everyone else do today?

Do you ever do Tabata workouts?

xo – Deryn

Pre-Workout Snack: Pumpkin Seeds, Cashews and Dates

Pre-Workout Snack: Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Cashews and Dates

Raw Hemp Smoothie in Natural Chocolate

Raw Hemp Smoothie in Natural Chocolate


Post-Workout: Raw Hemp Smoothie in Natural Chocolate

Post-Workout: Raw Hemp Smoothie in Natural Chocolate



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